Our approach of quality is inherited from the chemical and petrochemical indutry standards. It guarantees you high quality constructions that in turn helps you to improve your productivity within your highly competitive markets.


We are working any grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys (excl. Titanium), including cladding.

  • High temperatures steels 
  • Recharged steels

We are mastering constructions codes and good manufacturer practices that allows us to respect very strict tolerances.  We offer statical calculations, wind and earthquakes and explosion risk calculations.  We have external ressources available for finite element methods and fatigue calculations (cycles/t°).


Acid smokes, desulfuration units, electrolytic tinning tanks : we carefully select and apply the best coating or rubber lining in line with your design conditions.  Severe controls of surface's preparation, immediate application under controlled atmosphere, controls prior, during and after application...

Accumulators, convectors, desulfuration units, electrolytic tining tanks, injection tanks… the list is endless. You master your processes, we have the competencies to fabricate your vessels wether under PED or not.