Quality is not about words and certificates, it is a mindset guiding our daily activities. The backbone of our quality system lies in the continuous improvement based on ISO 9001 Ed. 2000, backed up by regular customers'audits, the stricter the better.

That emphasis on quality is pushed down the whole company and do pursue three objectives : 

  • Customer satisfaction : to fabricate within the deadline and in line with the construction codes and customer specifications ; to answer quickly and professionaly to our customer's needs; to aim for a formal customer feedback at the end of each project, no matter its size.
  • Continuous improvement : to build a library of procedures available to all ; to foster the feedback from the workshop to managers and from managers to the board ; to consistently look for improvements in order to increase our productivity.
  • Employee satisfaction : to develop team spirit and individual participation ; to be proud of what we do.

The full traceability of any components entering in our fabrication is deeply integrated and secured within our ERP system.  Nothing can be worked on before being received, controlled, and marked. This is true for main purchases (plates, tubes, flanges...) but also for internals, gaskets, nuts etc...

At project kick-off, a risk analyse is conducted and all risks in terms of long leadtime purchases, safety, assembly, welding, machining, surface treatments or transports are registered and mitigated. A quality plan including control and hold points is validated with and by our customers.

After delivery a customer satisfaction survey is always sent and its results analysed. Conclusion : over 95 % satisfied customers !

Our welding is certified ISO 3834-2, our welders are qualified as per ISO 9606-1, our master welding procedures are qualified as per ISO 15614-1, our specific welding procedures as per ISO 15607. IWT engineers as per ISO 14731 do reinforce our welding expertise.

Our quality control department is qualified in penetrant and visual tests as per ISO 9712.  The NDT controls like Pmi/Us/radio are executed in line with construction codes specifications by notified bodies (Aib, Apave, Apragaz, Loyds, Sgs, Tüv, Véritas…).

As far as surface treatments is concerned we do control the roughness up to Ra of 0,8 µm, the surfaces preparation up to Sa 3.0, the t° and dew point, thickness of wet and dry layers, porosities through spark test, coating adherence etc...