Peruweld is commited to take an active participation in the sustainability engagement through two axes :

  • To align our acts to our ideas
  • To put our know-how to the service of green chemistry, of alternative energy and raw material initiatives, and all kind of recycling activities

Here as well we do prefer acts to words and certifications. These last years we have :

  • Invested within health and safety for our people
  • Installed a selective sorting of papers/cartons, carbon steel, stainless steel, inert welding waste, rest of painting/coating, wood and plastics.  Every raw material is sorted and sent to dedicated recycling industries
  • Restricted our purchase of wood for transport to wood from certified origin
  • Installed - in the framework of Parc Naturel des Plaines de L’Escaut - falcon and bat birdhouses
  • Installed more than 1000 photovoltaic pannels good for 300 kwc, covering more than the half of our electricity consumption
  • Reduced our consomption of electricity by 20 %
  • Priviledged the fluvial transport for our biggest equipments
  • Invested in air filtration units
  • Installed a solvent recycling unit
  • Favorised the networking between European small family businesses
  • Restricted the purchase of steel plates from European suppliers

And believe us, we still have plenty of ideas to implement !