By building your storage tank in workshop we secure you the best quality, easy controls and minimal production disturbances.  No matter the agressiveness of your liquids, we have the solution.  Your challenges are our challenges and we like to take them up  !

Typical equipements

  • Flat and/or bottom head, vertical and/or horizontal, on legs and/or skirt, simple or double walled, for underground use… you name it !


  • Construction codes EN14015, API650
  • Statical calculations (Microprotol)
  • Complementary calculations : wind/earthquake


  • Volume : from 10 to 500 m³
  • Thicknesses : from 4 to 50 mm
  • All grades of carbon steel, stainless steel including duplex and super duplex, nickel alloys (excl. Titanium), and cladding
  • Simple and double walls, dimpled plates, coils, half coils, serpentines...
  • Roof : flat, conical, dome, frangible...
  • Welding : certification ISO 3834-2, qualifications ISO 9606-1, PQR ISO 15614-1, WPS ISO 15607, coordination IWT ISO 14731, NDT ISO 9712
  • Diameter up to 7.300 mm
  • Ra >= 0,8 µm

Complementary services

  • Waterproof thermal insulation with stainless steel or aluminium finish, electrical tracing
  • Fully dressed : any type of access : ladders, platforms, grids in carbon steel/stainless steel/resins… trial assembly ready for erection
  • On demand : possibility to include mixing technology ...
  • Deep knowledge in internal and/or external surface protection :
    • Soft and hard rubber linings
    • Glassflake and special coatings including for underground service