It is not because our project managers are your single point of contact that you do not have a direct acces to the most knowledgeable person to further help you. We do foster straighforward, personel and professional contacts.

Even if we have a clear organization where everybody has his/her place, we do encourage our people to build a minimal cross functional knowledge in order  to never leave you with unanswered questions.

Even if we foster a maximum of formal written clarity at the begining and in the course of a project, we can stay flexible if and when needed.

The aim of the game is a zero problem project, but that is not always the case. We do like to solve unforeseen problems with professionalism, pragmatism and rapidity.  We are  solution's oriented.

We have an open door mindset.  Our workshop and books are open for any kind of audits before, during and after a project.  We firmly believe that transparency is a mutual benefit for all parties taking part to an industrial project.

We do stick to our promesses, we take our responsabilities. 100 % of our shareholders are working on a daily basis within the company.  That is a warranty for quick and no evasive answers.

We love to understand the background of each project, how and why this is critical to your production processes.  Every project do matter to us.  There is no little projects, no small customers.